Market Research Privacy Statement

Nicole Donegan is a member of the AMSRS and commits to the AMSRS Code of Behaviour, adhering  to the following key principles:  

  • Respondents' co-operation in a market research project is entirely voluntary at all stages; they will not be misled when being asked for their co-operation.   
  • When we collect personal details and information we always explain why we need the information.   
  • Personal details held are never revealed or given to a third party (including the client who commissioned the work) without the      explicit consent of the individual.  In addition, they are never used for any non-research purpose or sold to a third party.   
  • Our computer files and archives cannot be accessed by any third party. Only staff who are directly involved in a particular research project have access to personal information relevant to that project.   
  • All personal information collected is done so for the purpose of checking the validity of data or to enable a prize draw to be conducted.  
  • Nobody shall be adversely affected or harmed as a direct result of participating in a market research study.   
  • Clients and respondents can check the identity of StrategyCo/Nicole Donegan to verify that we are a bona fide research company at AMSRS Directory Listing and at AMSRS Member Listing at